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Thai Deodorant.

Spray, roll-on and crystal sticks.

Thai Deodorant Stone Crystal Mist Natural Deodorant Spray is made from crystallized natural mineral salts which kill odor causing bacteria. Thai Deodorant sprays contain no harmful chemicals, oils, perfumes, or emulsifiers. It's just pure and natural.

Thai Deodorant crystal sprays are made from naturally occurring bauxite ore. They are minded and refined into pure alum crystals. Alum is a natural compound found in nature. It is present in the water we drink, in the foods we eat, and the air we breathe. Alum is the third most abundant element on earth, after oxygen and silicon.

Our deodorant crystals contain large alum molecules that cannot be absorbed into the body or blood stream. The alum in the crystals is in a salt form and is not in the metallic form. These products have no forms of aluminum that can clog pores or be absorbed in the body. Our deodorant works naturally by killing the bacteria on the skin. Our deodorants work in harmony with your own body chemistry and impede the growth of bacteria by altering the pH level of the skin and forming an environment that stops bacteria in its track.

Our deodorants are guaranteed to be free of synthetic oils (these stain your clothing), alcohol (which can burn and irritate your skin), emulsifiers and solvents (which clog pores), synthetic perfumes (which can cause severe allergic reaction) and propellants (which can harm the ozone layer).

thai mist.jpg

Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist.  8FL OZ.


thai fresh.jpg

Thai Crystal Fresh Foot Odor Eliminator.  6FL OZ.


Thai rollon.jpg

Thai Crystal Deodorant Roll-on, 3FL OZ.

replacement thai.jpg

Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone, 4OZ.


Thai stone small.jpg

Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone, 2OZ.


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