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Tea Infusers & Bags.

A wide range of supplies for all your gifting needs.

Tea infusers.


Stainless steel tea ball infuser.

2 inch ball - $2.95

2 1/2 inch ball - $3.50

3 inch ball - $3.95

Bring simplicity to your tea time with a stainless steel mesh tea ball. These tea balls are ideal for all loose leaf products. Just add your favorite tea, steep and enjoy!

2021 - 02 - February - Tea Tongs and Nov

Character tea ball infuser.

$12.95 each.

Scuba diver with a raft.

Monkey with a silver tray. 

Frog with lily pad. 

Robot with a silver tray.


Bring simplicity to your tea time with a charming character tea ball. These tea balls are ideal for all loose leaf products. Just add your favorite tea, steep and enjoy!


Tea strainers and pour over.

#1 - Stainless steel moon and stars tea strainer.  $9.95.

#2 - Stainless steel tea strainer with dish.  $5.95.

#3 - Stainless steel teapot handled tea strainer.  $4.99


Loose leaf tea scoops and tongs.

#1 - Bamboo tea scoop.  $5.95.

#2a - 2b - Stainless steel brass tone and copper tone tea scoop.  $8.95.

#3 - Stainless steel tea & sugar cube tongs.  $6.95.

#4 - Stainless steel tapered tea scoop.  $5.95.

#5 - Wooden tea scoop.  $4.95.


Dipper tea infusers.


Bring simplicity to your tea time with an easy to use loose leaf tea dipper. These tea dipper spoons = are ideal for all loose leaf products. Just add your favorite tea, steep and enjoy!

2021 - 02 - February - Matcha Set.JPG

Matcha tea preparation giftset (Matcha powder sold separately.) 

Bowl, Spoon and Wisk in Gift Box - $35.95

Unlike regular green tea, tender tea leaves are shade-grown and ground to a fine powder after harvest.  Instead of being steeped, matcha is blended into water and sipped (ground powder and all).  For tea, simply whisk 1/2 to 1 teaspoon into 6 ounces of steaming hot water (175 degrees) and enjoy.

2021 - 02 - February - Tea Tongs and Dis

TeaBrew single use tea bag for loose leaf teas


Box of 100/$6.95

100% natural unbleached paper.

100% Biodegradable.

Made from sustainably harvested American and Canadian wood pulp.

2021 - 02 - February - Tea Books.JPG

The Tea Enthusiast's Handbook by Mary Lou Heiss & Robert J. Heiss.


In this authoritative guide, veteran tea professionals Mary Lou and Robert J. Heiss provide decades of expertise on understanding tea and its origins, the many ways to buy tea, and how to explore and enjoy the six classes of tea (green, yellow, white, oolong, black, and Pu-erh). Additional advice on steeping the perfect cup and storing tea at home, alongside a gallery of more than thirty-five individual teas with tasting notes and descriptions make The Tea Enthusiast's Handbook a singular source of both practical information and rich detail about this fascinating beverage.

20,000 Secrets of Tea by Victoria Zak


Teas are the gentle, natural, most beneficial way to absorb the healing properties of herbs--easily and inexpensively. A simple cup of tea not only has the power to soothe and relax but to deliver healing herbal agents to the bloodstream more quickly than capsules, tinctures, or infusions. Feeling tired? Rose hip tea will rev you up and beautify your skin. Need some help with your diet? Ginger tea will provide the boost you need and help aching joints too. Hot or iced, these pure and simple drinks offer delicious ways to stay healthy and revitalize you from the inside out. This unique guide offers:

An A-Z listing of common ailments followed by the teas best used to treat them
Instructions on how to create your own medicinal kitchen
Advice on creating your own tea blends
Descriptions of the top 100 herbs and their secret healing properties
And much, much more!

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