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Regular straight coffees.

Find your perfect Choice.

Pricing: (Specialty coffees excluded.)

Example:  Blue Mountain.

$2.50 Sampler (One - ten to twelve cup pot)

$4.50 Quarter Pound (Two - ten to twelve cup pots)

$8.50 Half Pound (Four - ten to twelve cup pots)

$15.95 Whole Pound (Eight - ten to twelve cup pots)

1983 Espresso Gold

(Dark-ish Roast)

A sweet and mellow, low acidity coffee with medium body and nutty undertones.


The “Original’ Belleville Blend 

(Medium Roast)

A lovely medium roast.



(Medium Roast)

Brazilian Santos coffee is known as Brazil’s ‘Green Gold’.  It has a strong flavor and medium body that is quite delicious.



(Light Roast)

Light, mellow, and smooth.



(Dark Roast)

A blend of five Central and Southern American beans.  Intense flavor without the bite of a traditional dark roast.


Chicago Blues

(Medium Roast)

A blend of Arabica beans from Colombia, Guatemala, and Sumatra.  A ‘full city’ roast that is more intense without the harshness of dark roasts.  *Low acid.


Colombia Mesa de Los Santos

(Medium Roast)

High-grown in the Andean region of Colombia, this coffee proves its excellence as a low acidity roast.


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

(Light Roast)

This soft fragrant coffee has a distinctive flavor that is both exotic and classic.



(Medium Roast)

This low acid full roast coffee goes great with a full plate breakfast.


French Roast

(Dark Roast)

Classic South American coffee with a rich caramelized taste.


Guatemala Antigua Los Volcanes

(Medium Roast)

Rich volcanic soil gives this coffee it’s unique flavor.


Italian Roast

(Dark Roast)

Classic South American coffee, roasted to our darkest roast.  Rich caramelized taste and pleasant aftertaste with no burn.


Jamaican Blue Mountain

(Lightish - Medium Roast)

*Specialty Coffee, $80.00 per pound.

High-grown in a precise geographical location and under specific conditions, these Arabica beans have earned their certification as 100% Pure Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate. The amount of coffee produced is limited due to the amount of production space, and the demand is extremely high because of its exclusively rich taste and characteristics.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate Coffee has a full body that is well-balanced; it delivers subtle acidity and a smooth chocolate finish leaving not a single trace of bitterness.


(Medium Roast)

Specialty Coffee, $40.00 per pound.

Mexican Aztec

(Medium Roast)

Mexico’s ‘Spirit of the Aztec’ coffee is ‘Altura Pluma’, which means high-grown at 3500 feet or more.  It has a medium body, fine acidity, and savory flavor that is mild and sweet.


Mexican Altura Tollan

(Medium Roast)

Organic, it is smooth tasting, mild and pleasant.


Mind Your Tummy

(Medium Roast)

Ah, it is nice to have a cup of coffee with you.  This is our lowest acidity coffee.

New Orleans Jazzy Java

(Medium Roast)

*Specialty Coffee, $16.95 per pound.

It’s party time any time of year with our special blend for Mardi Gras.



(Dark Roast)

A robust ‘Old West’ blend to satisfy the taste of dark coffee lovers.


Roaster’s Choice 

(Medium Roast)

A blend of Arabica beans from three countries on two continents: Brazil, Ethiopia and Costa Rica.

Sumatra Black Satin

(Dark Roast)

This darkly roasted Indonesian coffee is LOW in acidity.  With smooth full bodied flavor and earthy undertones.

Total Eclipse

(Light & Dark Roast)

Special edition light and dark roast blend.


Turkish Blend 

(Dark Roast)

For the dark roast lover.  All the taste without the burn.


(Dark Roast)

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