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Flavored Decaf Coffees.

Find your perfect Choice.

$2.50 Sampler (One - ten to twelve cup pot)

$4.50 Quarter Pound (Two - ten to twelve cup pots)

$8.50 Half Pound (Four - ten to twelve cup pots)

$15.95 Whole Pound (Eight - ten to twelve cup pots)


Rich Bavarian chocolate, pecan and caramel flavors.

*Contains nut products.

Amaretto Royale 

Sweet, fruity, rich almond flavors. 

*Contains nut products.

Banana Coconut Creme Pie

A fine mix between banana cream and coconut cream pie.

*Contains nut products.

Beignet Brulee 

Reminiscent of the great beignets of coffee served in New Orleans with notes of 

pastry and vanilla.

Banana Nut Bread

Like a loaf of banana nut bread fresh from the oven.

*Contains nut products.

Bavarian Chocolate

Rich Bavarian chocolate smooth and yummy!

Beignet Brulee

Reminiscent of the great beignets of coffee served in New Orleans with notes of 

pastry and vanilla.

Black Forest 

The rich flavor of dark chocolate, ruby-red maraschino cherries and whipped cream.

*Contains nut products.

Bourbon Pecan 

A flavor masterpiece with a combination of liqueur and nuttiness.  *Contains nut products.

*Contains nut products.

Candy Corn 

Creamy vanilla, buttery caramel, maple and pecan flavors.

*Contains nut products.

Caramel Classique

Rich caramel and toffee combined for a silky finish.

Cherry Vanilla

Almond amaretto lend a lovely cherry flavor that blends with the sweetness of crème brulee.

*Contains nut products.

Chocolate Cherry Kiss

Kissed with a rich cherry flavor, then dusted with cocoa powder to create a luscious cherry Jubilee.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

For the SERIOUS chocolate lovers.

Chocolate Hazelnut

Warm flavors of rich chocolate and hazelnut. 

*Contains nut products.

Chocolate Mousse

French roasted coffee accented with the flavors of chocolate, vanilla and cream.

Chocolate Strawberry

No fondue pot needed just brew a pot of delicious chocolate strawberry coffee.


Chocolate Raspberry

Experience the take of silky-smooth chocolate topped with juicy raspberries.

Christmas Cookies

Lush vanilla, creamy caramel, with maple and pecan undernotes..

*Contains nut products.

Cinnamon Pecan Strudel

A blend of bourbon, pecan, and a touch of cinnamon and spice.

*Contains nut products.

Coconut Cream

Enjoy the sweetness and smoothness of coconut cream flavored Arabica coffee.

*Contains nut products.

Crème Brulee

Flavors of sweet creamy custard and crunchy baked caramel reminiscent of the exquisite custard dessert.

Danish Pastry

A blend of sweet spices and brown sugar.  Reminiscent of the wonderful flavor and aroma of fresh baked Danish Pastry.

French Vanilla Royale

A creamy vanilla and coffee flavor.  A vanilla lovers dream.

Frosty's Favorite

A blend of cinnamon, graham cracker, vanilla and hazelnut to keep you warm and toasty.

*Contains nut products.

Hazelnut ‘Café Angelica’

The richness of hazelnut produces a classic nutty flavor.

*Contains nut products.

Highlander Grogg

From the Scottish Highlands, the flavor of Scottish brandy.  Smooth and Delightful.

Holiday Cheer

A blend of Jamaican Rum, toasted almonds, French caramel and vanilla.

*Contains nut products.

Holiday Grog

Rich decadent chocolate with a hint of rum and toasted almonds.

Irish Cream

Creamy Irish liquor with an added touch of mint.

Jamaican Me Crazy

The outstanding flavor of rum, toasted almond, caramel and vanilla.

*Contains nut products.

King Cake

You will be able to taste spicy cinnamon, sweetened sugar, a drop of honey, and creamy vanilla in each sip.

Marshmallow Chicks

Oktoberfest Strudel

A wonderful mix of bourbon, pecan and a touch of cinnamon 

and sweet spice.

*Contains nut products.

Pumpkin Pie

The warm enticing flavors of pumpkin and sweet spices.

Pumpkin Brulee

A delicious blend of sweet fall spices, pumpkin and creamy caramel custard.

Red Bird

The delightful flavors of cherries and cream.

*Contains nut products.

Salted Caramel

Sweet and salty caramel flavors.

Simply Sinful

100% Colombia Supremo with chocolate and a hint of vanilla and hazelnut. *Low acid, contains nuts.

*Contains nut products.


Dark chocolate with blend of cinnamon, graham cracker, vanilla and hazelnut.

*Contains nut products

Southern Pecan

A special blend of Arabica coffee beans and pecan flavoring to produce a sweet nutty coffee.

*Contains nut products.

Vanilla Hazelnut Biscotti

Everything you love about the cookie in a cup!

*Contains nut products.

Vermont Maple Pecan

The flavors of Vermont Maple and crunch pecans.

*Contains nut products.

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