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Decaf straight coffees.

Find your perfect Choice.

$2.50 Sampler (One - ten to twelve cup pot)

$4.50 Quarter Pound (Two - ten to twelve cup pots)

$8.50 Half Pound (Four - ten to twelve cup pots)

$15.95 Whole Pound (Eight - ten to twelve cup pots)

The “Original’ Belleville Blend 

(Medium Roast)

A lovely medium roast.



(Medium Roast)

Brazilian Santos coffee is known as Brazil’s ‘Green Gold’.  It has a strong flavor and medium body that is quite delicious.


(Dark Roast)

A blend of five Central and Southern American beans.  Intense flavor without the bite of a traditional dark roast.



(Medium Roast)

This low acid full roast coffee goes great with a full plate breakfast.


(Dark Roast)

A robust ‘Old West’ blend to satisfy the taste of dark coffee lovers.


Roaster’s Choice 

(Medium Roast)

A blend of Arabica beans from three countries on two continents: Brazil, Ethiopia and Costa Rica.


Turkish Blend 

(Dark Roast)

For the dark roast lover.  All the taste without the burn.


A robust flavorful dark roast.

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