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Choice Boxed Teas.

Pricing: Tea is sold by the box, $6.95.  You can also ask about our tea bag samplers.

Vanilla Rooibos (Organic Herbal Tea)

Native to South Africa, the leaves of the red bush, known as rooibos, brew into an earthy, rich, mahogany-hued herbal infusion.  A kiss of Sumatran vanilla draws out the honey notes in the rooibos for a cup that satisfies when served hot or cold.

Jasmine Green (Organic Green Tea)

Jasmine blossoms perfume green tea leaves with their intoxicating flavor and fragrance before the petals are removed.  The aromatic bouquets of floral notes makes this green tea a classic.  Serve hot or over ice.

Green Moroccan Mint (Organic Green Tea)

This refreshing blend features flavorful green teas, peppermint from Washington State, spearmint, and a hint of lemongrass.

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