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Crystal & Spice Shoppe

Crystal and Spice Shoppe
Phone: 618 . 234 . 5648 

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Current Hours:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays

10am to 5pm

We are currently open for pickup or shipping orders only.


Colombia Mesa de Los Santos

(Medium Roast)

High-grown in the Andean region of Colombia, this coffee proves its excellence as a low acidity roast.

Octoberfest Strudel

A wonderful mix of bourbon, pecan and a touch of cinnamon and sweet spice.

*Contains nut products.

Pumpkin Brulee

A delicious blend of sweet fall spices, pumpkin and creamy caramel custard.

Autumn Spice

This coffee has everything we love about Thanksgiving.  Cinnamon, sweet spices, buttery honey with a hint of sweetness.


Browse our shelves.


Coffee Accessories.

Flavored coffees. Regular & Decaf.

Medium roasts.

Straight coffees.  Regular & Decaf.

Light, medium, & dark roasts.


Teas from around the world.

Loose leaf & by the tin.

Tea pots and gadgets.

All of the extras to make your tea experience a treat.

Gourmet herbs & spices.

Bulk spices & herbs sold by the ounce.

Spice jars & kitchen gadgets.

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Gourmet Candy & Marshmallows

Lovely treats for all your sweet-tooth needs.

Seattle Chocolates 

Essential oils & Bath products.

Soaps, bath salts, essential oils and fragrances.


Boxes of Delight!

Browse our Boxes for all your Holiday Gifting needs.


Who We Are

Since we opened our doors in 1983, Crystal and Spice Shoppe has become an integral part of the local community.   Gloria and Rod Smith started Crystal and Spice Shoppe to share the family's passion for quality spices and coffee, and Gloria in particular wanted to help people understand the difference that may be tasted between quality spices and those available at the grocery store.

Unfortunately, the Shoppe family lost Rod in 2019, but Gloria continues at the helm as a fixture of the community.  We remain a family run business dedicated to helping our customers find flavors that ignite their culinary passions as much as our own.

318 E. Main Street, Belleville, IL 62220


After a great deal of discussion through the first half of 2021, we feel that we cannot abandon our customers. We feel that things will get better given enough time and that the world will find a way to reach equilibrium , and when it does we want to be a part of that still. Consequently, we shall NOT be closing permanently. We will remain closed to in-store shopping, and will remain pick-up or shipping only.


We also have a new appointment system in place, whereby customers may call in and make an appointment to come into the store to shop - there will be some requirements surrounding this, which are listed in full on our Facebook page. COVID's continued devastation means that there will have to be a new normal, and we're working on plans to make that possible for us. We hope that you will continue to shop with us in the future. Many thanks.

Hours of Operation.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays

10 am to 5pm

We do not currently offer instore shopping unless by appointment.  We do offer pickup orders or shipping.  Please call, facebook, email, or use the chat function on the webpage to place your order.

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